Always Begin Again

What lights me up? What am I longing for?

cropped-img_6981.jpgI’ve been feeling lost for a while now, without direction. After publishing my first book last December, I’ve been waiting for creative inspiration. I’ve been journalling and taking photographs and editing some of my poetry; I spent time this summer at a writing workshop on Cortes Island, and even started writing a new book. But none of these creative practices have really been lighting me up.

And I want to feel lit up.

Reading Rebecca Campbell, I was reminded of this truth: “We follow our calling by following what lights us up.”

What lights me up? What am I longing for?

When I asked myself these questions, I realized I was feeling the pull to return to blogging. I’ve missed the creativity and the connection.

But I also felt like I’d outgrown my old blog.

Why not begin again?

Yes. Why not? Beginning again is central to my meditation practice. Why not bring it to my creative practices too? And why not begin anew with a space that reflects who I am now?

I’ve been on a journey for years now to live a more wholehearted, creative and awake life. I still spend more time feeling distracted and lost than on the right path.

But I’m learning to trust in the journey.

This is what I want to write about now. This feels like the next step for me on my journey.




Author: Sally

Writer, teacher, mom. Celebrating the beauty and mystery that surrounds us and learning to trust in the journey.

4 thoughts on “Always Begin Again”

  1. Hi Sally, found you at Susie’s party. Happy finding your light!
    ” If the journey has begun, then it is just a matter of time until you find it” This is the mantra that I believe in.
    Happy to be following you.


  2. Hi! Susie sent me. I am so glad she did, because I love your blog already. I can relate to your journey. I, too, was looking for some direction a few years ago and it took me awhile to find the right light to follow. For me, a more creative line of work was in order. I started quilting, which I love, and I’m working my way (slowly) toward figuring out how better to trust the journey. Thanks for your posts!


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